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  • Introducing “Tiny Tech”

    I’m so happy to share with you a little project that I’ve been working on! Growing up, I always had a love for computers and an insatiable desire to learn about them, but there weren’t many resources available. It’s my passion that children everywhere can learn about computers in a fun and free way. To […]

  • Using PowerShell to Disable or Enable a List of Active Directory Users

    I was doing some volunteer work recently when it came to my attention that there was a large number of enabled users in their Active Directory environment. This number was far greater than the amount of active employees. In order to address this, we took a simple approach: Of course, I turned to my favorite […]

  • Using Azure Icons in Keynote

    Keynote is a fantastic tool for putting together slick presentations easily. Unfortunately, if you’re making those slides about Azure then you can hit a bit of a snag. Microsoft distributes their icons as SVG files, which are not supported by Keynote. Fear not! We’ll have you equipped with PNG’s and off to express your artistic […]

  • Striving for Privacy: Swimming Upstream

    Introduction The struggle is real my friends. Everyone seems to want online privacy, or at least be concerned about it. There are a number of sophisticated and easy-to-use tools to help people achieve more of it. Yet it still seems almost impossible to attain any decent level of privacy. Why is that? It’s a question […]

  • Coming Home to HomeKit

    The Background From the outset, Apple’s HomeKit intrigued me. Over the years we have gradually become great fans of the Apple ecosystem, always appreciating the level of quality and smoothness that they bring to their products. Also, I was just very excited about the smart home trend in general and the possibilities that it brought. […]

  • My Work From Home Tips

    We live in an interesting time where businesses have suddenly been forced into a remote work model in order to stay profitable during the COVID-19 crisis. Because of this, many people have now been thrown into a work from home situation (whether it’s something they wanted or not). I’ve worked from home on and off […]

  • My Journey to Better Privacy (Part 6: Conclusions)

    Introduction Over the last few months I have been on a journey to better privacy. During that time I’ve gone over search, browsers, social networks/messaging, digital assistants, and email. This is not an exhaustive list of all the areas where online privacy is concerned, but it’s the primary ones that had not yet been addressed […]

  • My Journey to Better Privacy (Part 5: Email)

    Updated 02/28/2020 Introduction If you’ve been following along, then you know I’m on a quest to increase privacy across my digital life. The next stop on that journey is email. This system of communication has become so ubiquitous that we hardly give it much thought. We communicate over it with service providers, friends/family, random blogs, […]

  • My Journey to Better Privacy (Part 4: Digital Assistants)

    Intro Since the time I was a child the idea of robotics and automation has appealed to me. When digital assistants started to hit the scene I was stoked. I imagined myself controlling my home like Tony Stark with Jarvis. I tried to hold out for a good Siri solution, knowing that Apple makes quality […]

  • Getting Started As A SQL Server Professional

    I’ll never forget when I first started working with SQL Server. After the initial excitement of diving into something new I launched SSMS and then just sat there looking at a blank query window, with no idea what to do next. I see a lot of questions online regarding how to get started as a […]