Using Azure Icons in Keynote

Keynote is a fantastic tool for putting together slick presentations easily. Unfortunately, if you’re making those slides about Azure then you can hit a bit of a snag. Microsoft distributes their icons as SVG files, which are not supported by Keynote. Fear not! We’ll have you equipped with PNG’s and off to express your artistic self in no time.

The Easy Way

Lucky for us, a hero of the community has already put in all of the hard work for you. David Summers actively maintains a GitHub Repo where he has already uploaded all of the Azure icons in PNG format. All you have to do is copy/paste them into your presentation. High five David, you’re part of what makes this world a better place.

The Manual Way

If for some reason David doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can still turn those pesky SVG files into lovable PNG’s. All you’ll need is some type of photo editing software, such as free and open-source GIMP.

  • Download the Microsoft icon set, or any SVG you want to use.
  • Import the SVG into GIMP (or other software). When doing so, be sure to set the icon size that you want.
  • Export the file as a PNG. For GIMP, that looks like this:
    • Go to File – Export As
    • Change the file extension to png and pick your destination
    • Click Export and accept all defaults (or change them if you know what you’re doing)


That’s it! Now you’re off to the races creating Azure masterpieces in Keynote. As you can tell, it can very quickly become tedious exporting the icons one at a time, so I suggest taking advantage of David’s work. No matter which direction you choose, I hope this helps.

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