My First Mobile App

Over the last several months I’ve been on a journey to a) learn Swift and b) create my very first mobile application. And I’m proud to announce that it is complete!

Named “The Simple Workout”, it is exactly that. Just a simple, randomized workout using bodyweight exercises. It’s based loosely on the card deck workout, where you draw a card and use its suite for the exercise type and number for the reps. But, I’m lazy… Instead of remembering which suites go to which workouts, and having to keep up with a deck of cards, I just wrote an app where I can simply hit a button.

In celebration of creating my first app (and to celebrate Independence Day) I’m releasing it for free! So please download it, enjoy, and be sure to send me any feedback you have on issues or suggested improvements.

I’m only releasing it to the iOS App Store currently, but I’m open to a new learning experience down the road that would lead me to port it over to Android.

DISCLAIMER: Please consult a doctor before performing any physical activity that might endanger your health. This app is provided as-is, makes no guarantee of results, and is to be used at your own discretion.

Download for free here.

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